Remediation Schedule (Jersey City / Kellogg Street properties along Route 440)

The chromium cleanup of 95 acres along the West Side of Route 440 is now complete. Monitoring of the remedy continues.

Remediation Details

  • An underground barrier wall and pumping system were constructed around areas of planned open space to control the movement of groundwater.
  • In areas slated for residential development, approximately 90,000 cubic yards of soil containing hexavalent chromium and 3,200 cubic yards of soil containing non-chromium contaminants that are above the state soil standards were excavated.
  • Excavated chromium soils were tested and either contained on-site or disposed of off-site at a licensed facility.
  • Conducted in-ground treatment in areas outside the excavation to treat soils to meet state standards.
  • A multi-layer cover system was installed for open space areas.
  • 100,000 cubic yards of clean soil was imported for the cover system.
  • Monitoring of the remedy's effectiveness will continue indefinitely.

Excavated areas have been filled with clean soil and restored predominantly with gravel. Open space areas and select areas along Route 440 are being planted with grass. Groundwater will continue to be monitored until DEP determines that no further action is required.

Groundwater Treatment

Honeywell built a new groundwater treatment plant to replace the facility that was located at 80 Kellogg Street. Treated water is discharged to the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission under a permit.

Jersey City & Kellogg Street Properties Remedies