Site Security / Construction Safety Practices / Transportation

Security includes fencing and a security camera system around the Groundwater Treatment Plant.

Construction Safety Practices

During the remediation, the following construction safety practices were employed:

  • Spraying water to suppress dust levels during soil excavation
  • Limiting the area of exposed soil at any one time
  • Placing soil directly into transportation vehicles to minimize handling and stockpiling of soils when possible
  • Washing of trucks and construction equipment prior to leaving site
  • Using designated traffic routes and equipment

Approximately 4,400 truckloads of contaminated soil were transported to approved disposal facilities. Each truck with hazardous soil was equipped with a thick plastic liner that completely enclosed the soils. Once the truck was filled, workers secured the liner and plastic tarp over the truck bed. After loading, the truck and truck tires were cleaned with a pressure washer.